Aquip International is a diversifies company offering products, supplies and services for the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power Generating industries. Representing many outstanding manufacturers, we can supply quality engineered products at competitive prices.

Aquip International also designs and implements development projects that build capacity in the energy / power generating and the oil & gas sectors. Our aim is to promote social and economic development to help better the lives of people in the world we live in.

We innovate to create efficient solutions and make the best use of resources. Through our dedication, knowledge and experience we set the highest possible performance standards to provide our clients effective and reliable resources and solutions.

We utilize practical, results-oriented approaches that emphasize sustainable development, always bearing in mind that our fundamental mission is to help better people’s lives. Our experienced staff typically has multi-disciplinary skills and extensive international experience. We combine the technical expertise, breadth of experience, cultural sensitivity and dedication needed to work effectively in some of the world’s most challenging development environments.